What do you do?

We are so glad that you asked! We do custom screenprinting, sublimation, and vinyl. Read below to learn more!

Is there a minimum order for screenprinting?

We do not have a minimum order requirement for our services. But, let's go over some information, while we will gladly print a handful of shirts, you might want to see if you can find a way to add more units or check out another imprinting process to ensure you are not breaking the bank. When considering a low quantity screen printing order, additional ink colors are almost out of the question in our opinion. Adding ink colors to a low volume order will drastically increase the price because of the time and labor it takes to create individual screens for each ink color. But, a slight increase in the total number of units can quickly reduce the price. By just adding a couple of shirts, your price per unit can drop very quickly. Check out the example below:

1-color front logo on a basic cotton tee

  • 2 units | $22

  • 6 units | $15

  • 8 units | $14

Notice how quickly the price dropped. By adding 6 more units, the price dropped $8 per unit. This is why we typically tell customers that you need to order around 10 shirts to get what we would consider a reasonably priced shirt. 

We will print one shirt for you, but we do encourage you to find a way to get around 10 total units by adding some other options like long sleeve tees, hoodies, polos, etc. Not all items have to be the same to take advantage of volume pricing. 

Hit us up, and we will help you get the best value for your custom screen printing order. 

How much does a custom screen printed shirt cost?

Well, the answer is that it depends on what the requirements of your project are. We need to know how many printing locations, how many ink colors per location, what garment you want to print on, and how many you want. 
You want a 1-color front logo on 100 units of a basic cotton tee? That's easy. $5 per unit. Add $2 for XXL and $1 for every size after that. No additional fees. 
But, if you're looking for some additional colors, printing locations, or a little nicer garment (we love quality!), then let's talk about it. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why does it cost more for dark garments?

Dark garments cost more to produce for several reasons. The first is that it requires additional colors to be printed or an underbase to allow surface for pigments to sit on making the colors brighter. If an underbase is not used, each color has to be printed 2-3 times to allow for better coverage. 
Not only do you have additional cost due to extra screen set up fees, you are also paying for more ink coverage and up to 3x the amount of work to achieve the same color opacity as what would show on a light colored garment.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a process where sublimation dyes are transferred directly into your product. Creating a print that will not crack or peal over time. What is great about sublimation is that each item is done individually, meaning for you there is no minimum for orders! From shirts to cell phone covers and canvas picture prints and everything in between! Have an idea for something? Contact us today to get your gear set up and personalized.

What can we sublimate on?

There seems to be no limit to the many items we can sublimate. These items include, but are not limited to: 

  • T-Shirts

  • Polos

  • Medals

  • Mugs

  • Water Bottles

  • Socks

  • Cell Phone Covers

  • Flip Flops

  • Puzzles

  • Blankets

  • And So Much More!!

Hit us up, and we'll help you find great products to make personalized gifts, promotional items, and more for a great value!

Why Vinyl?

This is a cost effective option for low quantity orders with high impact. Vinyl can also be used on materials that are difficult to screenprint on for a high quality finish. Great for team uniforms! The options here are endless, ultra soft finish, metallic, glitter, foil, and more! Let us help you decide!


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